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Pet Loss – It’s ok to grieve

I apologize for being absent for 2 weeks. I took a long, but very much needed, vacation to recharge myself, spiritually, mentally, and physically. However, when I returned, I found out my neighbors lost their 15yr old golden retriever. Another sad reminder of the realities of life. Our pets are just like best friends and family members, who also come and go in life.

In the past few months, a handful of people in my life lost their beloved pets. However, the uplifting part of their stories is that all these pets died in old age (minimum of 15 years old). These great dogs lived very long lives, which is now becoming common thanks to not only responsible pet ownership but also great love. These pets were treated like a member of the family, which makes the grieving process just as emotional as the loss of a human member of the family. Continue reading