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Dear Mr. Vick, You are no role model.

Perhaps I lived a privileged life.  My parents raised me to care for and protect the weak.  From all the dogs and cats we rescued to my little sister who lost her life at a young age, my parents raised me that ‘if they can’t fight for themselves then step up and fight for them.’  I lived my life like that back then and I still live my life like that today.  And now at 32 years old, I still cannot bring myself to understand all the cruelty in the world.  I cannot understand how people find amusement out of tormenting, abusing and killing the weak….and in this particular case, animals.   The thought sickens me to the core.

I recently read that there are YouTube videos of dog fighting rings but I have yet to research and confirm it because (a.) I’m partly in denial that it’s true.  Why would YouTube allow videos of felonies being committed? and (b.) if it is true, I don’t want to see it.  I can already picture a glimpse in my head and don’t need to see the actual acts.  The USDA recently released the court documents detailing the evidence against Vick – thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.  Although requested from various news outlets and rescue organizations after Vick was sentenced, the USDA finally released the docs last week.  Finally.  In reading the documents, I honestly couldn’t get past the 1st of 17 pages.  I was too sick to my stomach and tears already started to form in my eyes.  Actually, just pictures and footage of Vick alone make me sick to my stomach.  Once the first pieces of media coverage came out about him before his conviction, I immediately acquired an aversion to his name and face.  Knowing that this man tortured and killed dogs out of amusement, served his prison sentence and is now back to making millions makes me sick.  Although his conviction was for operating a dog fighting ring for 5 years, Vick admitted to growing up around it and was “exposed” to it for the first time at the age of 8.  Vick’s actions were not from a momentary lack of judgment.  His actions continued over years and years and the only reason why it all stopped was because he was caught.  He. Was. Caught. Continue reading


Pet Overpopulation, Puppy Mills, Dog Fighting, Oh My!

Did you know…..

* Almost 4million homeless cats and dogs are put down in shelters in the U.S. each year. That’s 1 every 8 seconds.

* Thousands of buyers unknowingly support puppy mills and non-licensed breeders, who are more into making money than caring for animals and reducing pet overpopulation.

* Refusal of spaying or neutering your pet can add to the overpopulation of pets.

* AKC registered dogs are NOT guaranteed as healthy dogs. The AKC registered certificate just states that the dog had parents of the same breed HOWEVER these papers can very easily be falsified.

* “puppy mill rejects” (in other words, non-profitable puppies) are either put down or sold to research laboratories Continue reading