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A certified heart pleaser for…

…all animal lovers this Holiday season.  Of all animal rescue stories this year, this one definitely takes the cake.  I wish you all a very Happy Holiday season….Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa!


Cora’s Rescue


Pets as Holiday Presents?

So, it’s that time of year again. Whether celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, many are rushing for the perfect gift for their loved ones. While getting pets would seem like the perfect gift, please remember that these ‘gifts’ are more than just a gift. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters, etc require not only tender loving care but also time, commitment, and patience. I’ve heard too many stories about familites giving up on their pets because they just became “too much work” or “it’s just too expensive”. Even though pets are a lot less expensive than human kids, they still require the same care and so adequate planning is needed. They are dependent on you to stay alive and especially live a quality life just as one would want for themselves, right?

When deciding on where to get a pet, please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue group. If you prefer a puppy or a specific breed, what many don’t know is that there are rescue groups for specific breeds. Please DO NOT buy from a pet store or online because a majority of these pets are bred in puppy mills and so operators/owners are more concerned about making money rather than caring for the animals or especially caring about where their animals end up.

With the holiday spirit within you, please adopt and don’t buy. Also please check out this video from the ASPCA, Home for the Holidays.

Athena and Stuart thank you and wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!!



Chyna and Sugar were saved from a life of sure torture in Lockport, IL by 2 brothers three years ago. They heard someone was selling pitbulls to fight, and readily purchased what ever puppies were left, Chyna and Sugar.  They soon found great homes for both girls: Chyna went to live with a family member and Sugar to a family with kids.  Unfortunately, the family member passed away at the early age of 43, and Sugar was returned due to allergies of one of the family’s kids.  So now, both girls are back with the original fosters.  
Like so many others, they are having financial hardships and need to move from a home into a smaller apartment.  With multiple jobs and barely having time to spend with the young children in the household, the family never has time for the  dogs who deserve so much more.  And financially, they cannot support the two sisters for much longer.  They would like to first concentrate on finding a home for Sugar because she is so much more active and needs a much more physically interactive home than laid back Chyna.  Sugar would do great with an active family or couple.
Both girls are spayed, around 3 years old, house trained, great with kids, up to date on shots.  They are both good with cats and other animals, but Chyna gets aggravated with other dogs when she is bullied or rough housed for too long.  Sugar has a higher tolerance and is great with little dogs, even those who are dominant and “crazy”.  They are both trained in basic obedience.

If you can foster or adopt one or both sisters, please contact Chris at 815-931-7378 or


Ariel is a VERY sweet dog that is in urgent need of a foster home ASAP!  Ariel is a 2 year old gorgeous Pittie mix that was saved from being euthanized at the high-kill shelter in NW IN several months ago.  She never received a rescue commitment except from the independent dog rescuer Nancy McAdam.  Nancy had Ariel fully vetted and placed her in paid boarding until a foster or permanent adoptive home could be found for her. A few weeks after being placed in boarding, Ariel began to rapidly lose weight.  The vet determined that she had a malabsorption disorder in her digestive system that was caused by the stress of being in a boarding environment.  We put out an urgent plea at that time to find Ariel a foster home so that she could be more comfortable and put back on the much needed weight she had lost. Continue reading


Meet Tofu!


Tofu came into a grooming salon on October 28, 2009 abandoned and under weight.  Not sure of his fate, the workers thought to take him to the pound but after a couple of days with him, they all fell in love with him.  They decided to keep him as a foster dog and contacted rescue groups Much Love Animal Rescue, Karma Rescue, and Pet Finder.

Tofu is a 50lb white 2-3 yrs old neutered male Pit Bull Terrier.  He’s already microchipped and fully vaccinated as of November 2nd.  He’s very good with people including small children, small dogs, housetrained, crate trained, and no food aggression. 

If you are interested in adopting Tofu or need more info, please contact any of the above-mentioned rescue groups.  Tofu deserves a second chance at life.  Will you be the one to give him that chance?

Tofu’s Adoption Video

How much is that doggie in the window really worth?

Over 3 years ago, a family brought a 4-month old toy poodle mix to my parents’ animal hospital.  They had just recently bought him at a pet store and wanted to make sure that he had a full check-up with complete vaccinations, a typical routine for new dog owners.  Fortunately, he was given a clean bill of health despite his matted coat, which had to be shaved off to thoroughly check for any hidden skin ailments.  Afterwards as routine, my parents explained to the new owners the costs and responsibilities of owning a pet.   Although they walked away that day happy with a healthy puppy, they returned 2 weeks later because they realized that they had neither the funds nor the time to take care of him.  Just as quickly as they relinquished him, I rescued the little guy, now known as Stuart, before any transfer to a shelter.  He was just too sweet and little to be homeless….again.  Besides, I already had 2 senior dogs at home and they needed a puppy to boost their energy, which he did successfully every day.

Three months later when Stuart was 7-months old, he started vomiting and became suddenly lethargic, which was very unusual not only for him but also for a puppy.  At first, I thought he probably just ate something outside and had an upset stomach but my intuition was telling me something different.  Something just didn’t seem right about him.  I then immediately brought him into my parents’ office, where my dad ran tests and took an x-ray.  Although the tests came up normal, the x-ray raised a huge red flag.  There were half a dozen gas pockets all along Stuart’s intestines, which were an obvious sign of a blockage.  Just by both the x-ray and the look in Stuart’s eyes, my dad knew he had to move quickly and perform emergency exploratory surgery. Continue reading