about us

Annette M.

Born and raised in a family of veterinarians, Annette was always surrounded by animals. Her parents  often took in pets that were neglected, abused, or abandoned and welcomed them into the family.  Most of her childhood was spent helping out at her parents’ animal hospital, where she experienced firsthand all of the medical care needed to keep pets safe and healthy.  Unfortunately, for every healthy pet that came in, there were also pets with clear signs of neglect and abuse.  For too many years, Annette witnessed this endless cycle and decided that she needed to make a difference.

With her degree in Biology and Environmental Science from DePaul University, Annette had intentions of becoming a veterinarian herself; but it was through her volunteer experience at zoos and animal shelters during college that she was convinced that this is where she was the most effective,  in the direct care of these sensitive creatures and spreading awareness of the humane treatment of animals. PAWSITIVE CHANGE was created to reach out to the community to share knowledge about the proper and ethical care of animals.  Whether through educating, fostering, rescuing, or adopting, Annette continues to carry on the philosophy she inherited from her family, that everyone is able to make a loving and caring difference in the lives of animals.

“It’s amazing and inspiring that my family and I gave so many pets the second chance that they deserved.  After all the work of re-training and rehabilitating, the greatest pay off was to see them alive and well, and most especially be incredibly loving and loyal pets.”