Justice for Byron and all other animal victims

It was over 17 months ago when Byron was scalded with hot water by his previous owner, Kyle Voissem, and it was over 15 months ago when Voissem was  arrested for the crime.  It has been since the arrest that his case has drawn out for as long as it did.  But, finally, it all came to a conclusion yesterday after a 2 day bench trial.  Voissem was found guilty of criminal intent of animal cruelty, a felony charge that includes up to 3 years in prison.  Voissem’s sentencing date was set for May 20th.  However after a long extension granted by the Judge due to a psychological evaluation, Voissem’s sentencing was finally on July 11th.  He was sentenced to 1 year probation.

Although the sentencing was very light and that Voissem basically cried as victim due to the petitioning and action by all animal lovers, the felony conviction alone is a great victory for both animals and animal rights groups because not only does it set a precedent for other first-time offenders but it also sets the precedent that a split-second decision out of anger can change the course of an abuser’s life in an instant.

Another animal cruelty case that I have been following is that of Derek Fierro. I will post the details and update on this case soon.


6 responses to “Justice for Byron and all other animal victims

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  2. People who are cruel to animals are dangerous to children and others. We need to get them off the streets and keep our neighborhoods safe. Let’s prevent a child from being hurt. This guys is a very sick person.

  3. Any word about the Derek Fierro case? I saw him partying in Washington D.C. a few days ago…

    • Hi Jack, Derek’s case is still in the ‘discovery’ stage and his next court appearance is May 22nd. The ‘discovery’ stage usually consists of gathering up evidence, witnesses, and testimonials. Since Derek is out on bail and always makes requests to the judge to leave Illinois for travel, I suspect he will go and travel to enjoy his freedom and sadly NOT to reflect on his past actions. He faces serious jail time and hopefully he doesn’t screw up before a verdict is made.

  4. Hi there,

    I’m curious if you have any updates on the Derek Fierro case. I can’t seem to find any information and it appears you might be following? Thank you so much in advance and thank you for your great page!

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