Byron is just 1 of many

Based on all of the comments about Byron’s Story, Facebook postings, various message boards all over the internet, it can go without saying that there has been an overwhelming reaction to the cruelty by Kyle Voissem.  Many have threatened acts of vigilantism against him.  While many others have expressed passion over getting justice for Byron.  It is because of all this attention that on January 26 Kyle was officially charged with a felony and his preliminary hearing for the new felony charge was February 2nd, where he denied “pouring” hot water and instead claims he only splashed or flicked hot water at Byron.  His next court date is set for February 28 now for 2 counts of aggravated cruelty instead of the previous 1 count.

Whatever the outcome, there indeed has been justice for Byron.  While he is now happy and healthy with his new family – thanks to the powers of the internet – Kyle has a long way to go.  Whenever someone runs a search on his name, Kyle will forever be haunted by this cruelty case and will struggle with employment, housing, and maybe in his personal life.  But until then, we must not forget about all the other animals abused nationwide.

Any final judgment about Kyle’s case will reflect the current judicial system on all animal cruelty cases and how each state handles each and every case.  Instead of sitting and waiting on just 1 case, there are many more that need attention.  There are thousands without voices who still need our help and so we need to speak on their behalf.  If the judicial system fails the victims, then it also fails the entire community.

Do you remember Patrick?  Or what about Isis?  Don’t forget about Tihomir, LilyBelle, and Nightmare.  What about Lydia Price?  She’s an animal hoarder in Berwyn, IL who failed to care for both her children AND animals that resulted in the deaths of 1 disabled son and dozens of animals.  Unfortunately, these victims are only just a handful of all the animal cruelty cases pending.  Every week in every state, a case is being heard while more crimes are being committed.

In addition to the internet, we are now able to utilize social media outlets to voice our opinions on whatever issues we are passionate about.  It is to our advantage that we have the power to make our voices heard.  There are many non-profit organizations that provide amazing resources so that we too can take action for animals and demand justice.

The first step is to find out where your state/city stands on animal welfare and rights. Where does your state rank?  The next step is to check out and search the current cruelty cases pending in your area.  You can then cross reference with any current petitions that are already following that case.  If there are none, then you can either create one on OR directly contact your State’s Attorney’s Office, Mayor’s office, and  investigators.  As a taxpayer, you have the right to keep tabs on the justice system and make sure the victims’ voices are heard.  You also have the right to direct attention to each case and make sure everyone else around you is aware.  The power of telling just one person can be amazingly magnified if everyone just told one person.

It is only through the proper channels where justice can be served.  As humans, we reserve the right to get angry with each cruelty case.  But we also have the power to turn that anger into passion and successfully fight for the vulnerable.  Animals have been around humans for thousands of years and it is only the animals who remain the same.  We are the ones who changed.   We have become the savages.  There’s still time for us to turn that around and become the protectors.


4 responses to “Byron is just 1 of many

  1. Brilliantly said. Thank you for everything you do and for laying it out for others. Sharing this blog post with everyone I know.

  2. Wow, This is horrible not only for Bryon but also for KLYE!!!!!! Remember this is the United States of America we are innocent UNTIL proven guilty by a jury of our peers. I have had the honor of owning 2 dogs and also of knowing Kyle. Let him be held accountable in a court of law not by the rougue justice that seems like the SS.

  3. Well written. Thanks. We love you Byron!
    Keep living.

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