Ariel is a VERY sweet dog that is in urgent need of a foster home ASAP!  Ariel is a 2 year old gorgeous Pittie mix that was saved from being euthanized at the high-kill shelter in NW IN several months ago.  She never received a rescue commitment except from the independent dog rescuer Nancy McAdam.  Nancy had Ariel fully vetted and placed her in paid boarding until a foster or permanent adoptive home could be found for her. A few weeks after being placed in boarding, Ariel began to rapidly lose weight.  The vet determined that she had a malabsorption disorder in her digestive system that was caused by the stress of being in a boarding environment.  We put out an urgent plea at that time to find Ariel a foster home so that she could be more comfortable and put back on the much needed weight she had lost.
A foster home was quickly found for her in Downer’s Grove, IL and that is where she has been since.  Ariel has been doing WONDERFUL in this foster home!  She has put on all of the weight that she had lost and has turned into the most loving and affectionate dog that you have ever met.  Her foster home had 3 other dogs that she got along great with.  However, one of the other dogs in her foster home has slowly started showing more and more aggression with Ariel.  This aggression has led to 2 unprovoked attacks on Ariel in the past week..with the last attack being so severe that Ariel had to be taken to the vet for stitches.  These attacks were of NO fault of Ariel!  She has never shown an ounce of aggression with any of the other dogs, not even the dog that had attacked her.  She didn’t retailiate or even try to defend herself during the attack.
Ariel is currently at a vet office in Downer’s Grove, IL..this is where she was taken to get her stitches yesterday.  Her foster mom will NOT bring Ariel back into her home for the fear of Ariel’s safety.  This now leaves Ariel homeless and she has no place to go.  We are desperately in search of someone that would be able to help her ASAP!  We are looking for someone that could foster Ariel for Nancy until she is adopted or we are looking for another rescue that would be able to take her into their rescue.  Ariel is fully vetted and there would be no cost for another rescue to take her.  Of course she is available for adoption, so a permanent adoptive home would be great too.
If another place is not found for Ariel ASAP, there is NO other option for her except to be returned to paid boarding!!!  That is where her stress was brought on and she lost so much weight and it will only happen again if she has to return there.  If anyone is able to help give this girl a temporary home until her forever home can be found, please contact dawn6639@verizon.net or Ariel’s Adoption Page.

Ariel Wants to Cuddle!

Ariel’s Playtime!


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