The Pet Store Disclosure Bill – Illinois HB 5772

Attention all Illinois Residents:

The Pet Store Disclosure Bill will be voted on this week.  This disclosure law is vital for consumer protection – helping them to make informed decisions and learning more about where animals come from.  This important legislation will help combat the unethical puppy mill industry by mandating that pet stores post their breeder information on the cage so consumers can make informed decisions.  It will also list the health record and size of the facility as well as if the dog was in the hand of a dog broker or middleman. 

Pet Stores too often mislead people into thinking their new pets are from “home breeders”, “local breeders”, “family breeders”, or “USDA breeders”.  With this vague info, it is safe to assume that they don’t want to disclose exactly where the puppies are bred and now have hired lobbyists to fight against this bill.

Please contact your state representative by Thursday March 25th to advocate the Pet Store Disclosure Bill.  Let him or her know that you live and/or work in their district and that you are part of the animal sheltering community.  This bill will be voted on by the end of this week and this may be our last chance!

To find your Illinois Representative, please click on the link:
Find your State Legislators

Simply give him or her your name and state you live/work in their district. You are an active member of the animal shelter community and therefore support HB 5772, the Pet Store Disclosure Bill. This bill provides an important Consumer Disclosure. Families deserve to know basic information about their future family pet.


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