Designer Breeds are my Pet Peeve

While on vacation in Hawaii (and already knowing that Hawaii ranks near the bottom of the Humane Society’s list of animal protection laws), I was curious to see the problem for this lack of animal welfare.  One of the major problems I noticed early was all the mixed breeds being sold as designer breeds.  Everywhere I looked and all the dogs and dog owners I approached, a majority were all mixed breeds sold by breeders as designer breeds.  One designer breed dog that I met, which is the one that sparked this rant, was a “Schnug” (schnauzer-pug mix) that was bought from a breeder.

“Breeders” selling designer breed pups to unsuspecting buyers.  It’s one thing to cross breed but it’s another thing to sell to the public as if the pups were intentionally cross bred to make a brand new breed.  To me and many others, ‘designer breed’ is just another fancy term for mixed breed or mutt used so that breeders can prey off the general public.  There are so many of these designer breeds abandoned at shelters too.  I wait for the day that people go to the shelters first to find these designer breeds before handing hundreds of dollars to supposed breeders.  Breeders selling designer breeds are really just backyard breeders or puppy mills selling mixed breeds (a.k.a. mutts).  And why so many mixed breeds from backyard breeders?  Apparently another issue I noticed was the lack of spaying and neutering but I’ll cover that in a separate blog.

I’ve always felt this way about designer breeds because my dog Stuart is a “Chi-Poo” (Chihuahua-Poodle mix) but I highly doubt it was intentional.  I rescued him when his previous owners relinquished him 2 weeks after buying him from a store.  The pet store owner told them that “he is a purebred Chi-Poo.”   Oh please.  Purebred means ‘of the same breed and lineage’.  It pains me to know that there are incompetent pet store owners selling to unknowing buyers. 

While I love all dogs and believe they deserve better than being called a mutt or mixed breed, it just angers me that so many ‘breeders’ are making money off buyers while millions of these mixed breeds sit at shelters, especially high-kill shelters.  

So please, if you want a “designer breed”, go to your local shelter.  I promise that there are a lot there who need homes too.


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