Mass Euthanasia might as well be considered Pet Genocide

A close family member who is a veterinarian had to partake in mass euthanasia via gas chambers because he was simply told to do so. It was part of the job. He had bills to pay and mouths to feed and so did what his boss told him to do regardless of all the suffering and trauma afterwards.

Having to do this daily task eventually takes a toll on one’s own psyche and becomes an event in your life that you just refuse to talk about in the future. No, it’s not as extreme as war. But any animal-loving veterinarian wouldn’t and shouldn’t have the heart to partake in such cruel euthanasia of strays. Pets abandoned by their owners and left to die in the hands of those who are supposed to protect them. If high-kill shelters disclosed to pet owners what exactly would happen to their pet then hopefully they will think twice and instead go to a no-kill shelter. However, unfortunately, there are those type of owners who have the mentality ‘If I can’t keep it then no one should’ and would prefer to euthanize their healthy pet. And the reality is: gas chamber is cheaper than lethal injection.

So what’s the solution?  Why should veterinarians be made to mass euthanize healthy pets when they were taught to help and save them?  Is watching them choke to death for the sake of saving money really worth it?  What about the owners who abandon these pets?  It’s one thing that they can’t even take care of their pet, it’s another thing to make the pet suffer for it.  Why should pets pay the ultimate, horrible price? 

The only way is to ban mass euthanasia via gas chambers altogether.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is against it and didn’t sign the proposed bill to legalize it.  Where does your governor stand?

Illinois S.B. 2999


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