What is Pawsitive Change?

All pets have the potential of being loving and loyal family members with responsible, caring, and humane treatment.  No animal deserves to suffer or die from neglect and abuse simply due to ignorance and lax laws.  There is an insurmountable number of 4million homeless dogs and cats euthanized in U.S. shelters each year.  Add to that number all the pets abandoned by their owners, abused and killed in dog fighting rings, and mistreated and neglected in puppy mills.  If they cannot fight for themselves then who will?

Pawsitive Change was founded to provide education, resources, and support for humane treatment and welfare of all pets.  We also aid various animal shelters and rescue organizations in placing homeless dogs and cats in foster or forever (permanent) homes.

There is a new day upon us where we can all make a difference.  We can all make a pawsitive change.


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